Technology Project Implementation

Does your organisation need help implementing strategic projects? 

  • Strategic projects are taking too long, or failing to get results 
  • Current resources are focused on day to day operational imperatives 
  • Don’t have time / bandwidth to devote to strategic initiatives 
  • Need help with professional project management skills 
  • Collaboration between stakeholders could be better 
  • Need to get better organised 

Implement strategic projects fast and effectively using professional project management methods 

We deliver value by helping plan and execute critical business and operational initiatives fast and effectively.  

  • Alignment of projects with business strategy and objectives 
  • Rescue of troubled projects 

What we do – Strategic business projects: 

  • Business transformation 
  • Technology implementation 
    • ERP systems, Cloud/mobile apps, Collaboration apps 
  • Business operational improvement 
  • Product development 
  • Merger / demerger implementation 
  • Business startups 
  • Supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing improvement projects 

Expertise – we apply professional project management methods 

  • Overall governance and structure 
  • Define scope and phases of project 
  • Critical path or critical chain analysis 
  • Task execution management 
  • Project risk management 
  • Status management & reporting 

Industry sectors 

  • IT&T 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Construction 
  • Government / education 
  • Chemical products / process 
  • Field service 

Benefits of Using a Collaboration Focus Consultant 

  • Save time & money 
  • Assist executives with implementing key projects, minimizing distraction 
  • Interim coach and support for managers during periods of change 
  • Independent change agent and facilitator, provides objective feedback and analysis