Collaboration Strategy

Is your organisation planning for the collaboration revolution?

In 5 years time collaboration tools will change the way your employees work.

Over the past 3 years various technologies have matured and converged to provide employees with effective tools for collaborating in the workplace. 

These technologies include: 

  • Communications via voice, video, chat and messaging 
  • Meeting, document and project management 
  • Integration to third party application services 
  • Accessibility from desktop, browser and mobile. 

The key challenge to a successful collaboration deployment is the focus on change management, as these tools are orientated towards a business process implementation and not just another IT project. 

Developing a Collaboration Strategy

A collaboration strategy will accelerate the deployment of collaboration tools and technologies.

Key steps to developing the strategy:  

  1. Establish how the enterprise needs to be collaborating in 2-3 years  
  2. Assess current collaboration tools and technologies 
  3. Gap analysis to compare the collaboration goal against the current tools 
  4. Review the vendors and tools to cover the gaps, including cost estimates 
  5. Present strategy and review with management team 
  6. Detailed project plan and implement!

Project Duration

Developing a technology strategy takes 2-3 weeks.